$100,000 In Total Prize Money-Good For The Sport?

Warrior Dash World Championship 2015

This upcoming event will test your mettle against the best runners. We now are looking what is to be touted as the most prize money on the obstacle race circuit thus far. You must however qualify to enter. This is truly an indicator of the continued rise in popularity and ever gaining sophistication of the sport. Will this take the joy out of the simple fun of racing for fun and giggles? Is OCR on the track of professional only participation where comradeship wanes and competition reigns? Maybe has OCR continues to attract world class athletes the professional sport class is inevitable?

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The Warrior Dash World Championship is a competition for worldwide bragging rights and a hefty chunk of cash. It will take place across approximately five kilometers of some of the most rugged terrain in the country at our Warrior Dash Tennessee location and will be rife with 12 obstacles on a standard Warrior Dash course.  You must qualify for the World Championship by placing in the top 25 in any 2015 Warrior Dash. The top three male and female finishers from each 2015 Warrior Dash will receive free entries into the World Championship. With $100,000 in total prize money, Warrior Dash has set the precedent for giving away the highest dollar amount at a 5k in the history of running.

2015 WDWC Qualification Requirements

To qualify for the WDWC you must have finished in the top twenty-five (25) male or female participants of a competitive wave at a 2015 Warrior Dash. This also includes the competitive wave at the 2014 Warrior Dash NorCal event. This excludes the 2014 Warrior Dash World Championship event.

Must have run a 7-minute mile pace (male) or 8:30-minute mile (female)pace in any previous Warrior Dash (2009-2013). This excludes the 2014 Warrior Dash World Championship. Please submit the date and location of the Warrior Dash where you achieved this qualification standard here.

Must provide proof of residency within 100 miles of Pulaski, TN AND proof of running a 7-minute mile pace (male) or 8:30-minute mile (female) pace in a 2014 or 2015 OCR event (in the form of official results from the qualifying event). Please submit these verifications here for review.


Waivers to the above-referenced qualification methods will be considered at the discretion of Red Frog Events by submitting a written petition to Red Frog Events. All petitions must be submitted to here by 11:59 pm (Central Time) on September 23, 2015 with the subject line “WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFICATION WAIVER.”

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