A Day Full Of Mud But This One’s A Dud!?

Do You Smell Something?

It may be organic…er….ah…or maybe not but horse dung is no way to thicken up the mud soup on race day. Have we left the world of common sense. Could this be trouble for the sport? Total evacuation from both ends is not my idea of a fun afternoon out for some romping good sport! Do pool chemicals have a place in mudder events or is the risk where the excitement lives?

What’s Wrong Not Feeling Well?…


Health officials claim the sicknesses were caused by the horse shit-smothered course, which some participants reported to have smelled. The feces released a bacteria similar to Salmonella that was ingested by participants.

Over the next few days, a total of 1,000 people were experiencing symptoms. None, however, required hospitalization.

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