[Video] Calling All Dirty Girls!

Getting Muddy Never Looked Like So Much Fun!

Katie Bolden of Huff n’ Puff to Buff n’ Tough talked about her Mud Run experience in this great article about her 5K experience. I took the liberty of sharing some of the great photos of her race day and I added a video I found posted on godirtygirl.com just for an extra good measure of the fun stuff. Isn’t it amazing how liberating it is when you get all dirty?

Dirty Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Watch Here…

June 27th 2015 was such an amazing day for me! I am still smiling. Months before this all went down, I decided to challenge myself by completing two 5K’s in a single day. It all started with a dilemma – there were two races I wanted to do, but they were both on the same day. Luckily, it all worked out in my favor. I chose a later wave for the Dirty Girl Mud Run, which allowed me to do my other 5K earlier.

Saturday morning I finished my first race with a finish time PR of 47:10. I was ecstatic!! The day was already off to a good start. Around 10:30 A.M. I started making my way from Chicago to the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates where the Dirty Girl Mud Run was being held. I met up with my good friend, Heather. I wanted to treat her to a fun girls day because, just like me, she doesn’t get out with friends all that much and it has been years since I have seen this girl. Life got in the way and made things busy for the both of us, which is why it’s been years since we have seen each other or hung out together. What better way to reunite than at the Dirty Girl Mud Run?! After the reunion and lots of laughs and Heather meeting my daughter, Harlie Jade, for the first time, we walked over to the check-in tent. I have to admit, when I saw that the obstacle course was in a parking lot and not on a field or some sort of open grassland, I was a little disappointed with the location for Chicago, but you better believe that I did not let that ruin my experience.

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