Can’t get Enough? Compete In The Buff!

Everything Is Better Naked!

Okay fine…the human form is beautiful. I think I went skinny dipping once in a creek in a far away land and a different frame of mind. Perhaps I’ve lost my sense of adventure. Pointing and laughing might take me off my game. Gee am I a prude? Perhaps so…Or maybe I’m doing everyone a favor by sitting this one out. But hey – who am I to judge? If this is the “Spartan” ethos at its zenith…who am I to judge?

Imagine Yourself Here…

After an overwhelmingly successful test run in Vancouver last August, Spartan Race has announced that it will now include a Naked Heat in all of its races.

On a clear, sunny day, over 200 Spartan’s gathered at the top of Mount Seymour to strip down to their birthday suits and race in the first ever Spartan Race Naked Heat. Participants were asked to bring their “running shoes, Spartan spirit, and nothing else”!



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