Four Training Change-Ups To Be Your Best

Modify Your Run Training To Match Demand!

Whoa! We ain’t just going out for a casual jog here! This is a whole new ball game and it only makes sense to modify your training to match your sport. In our case I’d have to say it means “Be ready for everything!” In fact this is exactly what makes Obstacle Course Racing so much fun and such a terrific challenge! So wadda ya do? To be ready on race day ya gotta get ready for what lies ahead. To do that we need to match out training to the demands of the race.

To Do That – Do Some Of This…


Whether you’re a weathered road racer or just beginning, Patota recommends building a solid 15-mile per week running base (at least) and then implementing the following workouts:
Off-Road Runs
Take all your longer training runs on trails. You should determine pace using the talk test—you’ll know you’re going the right speed if you can carry on a conversation.

After five minutes of running, stop and do 10 pushups. Run for 10 more minutes after completing the pushups, then do 15 burpees. As the run continues, surprise your body by varying the interval times between exercises, running for shorter distances between each test. If you are new to running in general, start out with three miles. If you are a regular runner new to running trails, do five miles.


400 Repeats
These will mimic the act of going from one obstacle to the next while increasing speed. Go to a public track and do a one to two mile warmup. Run 400 meters (one full lap) at a speed that is 1:00-1:30 minutes faster than your conversational pace.

At the finish of each 400, jump rope for 30 seconds, then walk for two minutes to recover. Repeat four more times. Add a lap every other week until you reach eight laps.

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