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Can You Argue With Success? Probably Not…

There’s a lot that goes into the mix for the multi-challenged runner of obstacle course racing. Isn’t that what makes it so much fun? Are we having to much fun to want to actually win? I’m not of the generation that was satisfied with a participation trophy so I thought it it might be interesting for myself and those that are like minded to get inside the head of a consistent winner.

See What it’s Like To Be Number One…Read On…

Jonathan Albon Getting the Job Done!
Jonathan Albon Getting the Job Done!

…..Jonathan Albon has been crowned the world’s number-one obstacle course racer after winning both the OCR World Championships and the Spartan Race World Championship, both held in the US. Some of the fittest athletes on the planet battled it out over long, brutal miles of hills, mud and water, rope climbs, barbed wire crawls, fire pits and much more at both races. Jonathan, aged 25, is unbeaten in OCR races in 2014 and has won several fell, mountain, trail and ultra running races too. Here are Jonathan’s top-10 tips to master obstacle course racing.

1      Operate outside of your comfort zone

Obstacle course races are designed to take you out of your comfort zone. You will likely get wet, have grit in your shoes, gets scratched or stung and have to carry something heavy. It will hurt, a lot. You can prepare yourself by incorporating some of these elements into your training. Get off-road, get dirty and push yourself.

2      Run – a lot

Most obstacle course race courses, certainly in the UK, are probably about 80% running and 20% obstacles. This means that in order to have a shot at completing or setting a fast time, you need to be able to run. There are many fancy training schedules you can follow but the simplest way to get better at running is just to do more of it. Run hard, long and include hills. I’ve worked hard at my running and am now doing around 350km and 16,000m ascent per month.

3      Circuit training

It’s not just running you need to be good at; you need to be strong too. For obstacle course racing this doesn’t mean you need to be able to squat two-times your body weight or bench press a small car! The best exercises revolve around you moving your bodyweight, as you will do during a race. So, hit the press-ups, pull-ups, squats, burpees, planks and sit-ups. Do them one after another as part of a circuit training session. I also do a lot of functional fitness training.

4      Technique – look up videos online

There are many types of obstacles, such as monkey bars and wall climbs. Learning the correct technique to negotiate them will save you time and energy on race day, plus reduce the risk of injury. Watch the many technique videos online then, if possible, get out and practice on specialist training courses.

5      Healthy living – eat / drink clean and get enough sleep

Being healthy is always going to benefit you in any sporting pursuit. Eat well, gets lots of sleep and stay active! Obstacle course racing is tough enough without making it even harder for yourself!

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