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Michael Anders Carried Michael Angel In Carolinas Spartan Sprint Obstacle-Course Race

It’s humbling to be sure but also consistent with the challenges we like facing when it comes to obstacle racing. Still pretty crazy though! These guys met through a fitness and personal trainer connection. They employed a military back-pack to create the needed support to make the carry doable and passersby thought they where stranded and in need of assistance during their training and test runs, All-in-all this is a unique and fascinating story.

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Michael Anders carried Michael Angel in a grueling obstacle course race

Anders says Angel, who has cerebral palsy, shoulders burden daily

Anders: ‘Michael, in some ways, is the strongest person that I know’

Michael Anders had spent more than three hours wading through trenches full of water, scaling walls twice his height, and dragging himself through mud pits with barbed wire inches above his head.

Michael Angel, meanwhile, had spent the better part of those three-plus hours on Anders’ back – crammed into a military pack that had been modified so that he could sit in it facing to the rear, with holes for his arms and legs.

They crossed the finish line of the grueling Carolinas Spartan Sprint obstacle-course race feeling tired, scratched, bruised, sweaty, dirty, hungry, thirsty and, perhaps most of all, exceptionally thankful.

Thankful for the support of the large crowd of spectators, who whooped thunderously as the two crossed the finish line. Thankful for other athletes, some of whom had given Angel and Anders a boost quite literally along the way.

And thankful to each other – for providing inspiration, for sharing an epic experience and, of course, for the good-natured ribbing.

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