OCR’s Can “Cross” Over For Better Results On Race Day

How Far Ya Wanna Go?

Is there anything that feels better than the confidence of being fit? It affects every crevice of your life in a truly remarkable and positive way. It’s hard to imagine if you’ve never been there and equally hard to imagine ever giving it up once you do. If you have been bitten by the OCR bug and haven’t otherwise come from an athletic background it may have occurred to you that things could be even better with a little more attention to your overall fitness.

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Obstacle course races (OCRs) are taking the fitness world by storm with their combination of varied terrain, changes in elevation and climate, and, of course, seemingly torturous obstacles. For box goers who pride themselves in training for the unknown, there is certain synergy to these types of races. Like a challenging WOD, (editor Note: Workout Of the Day), the race course is varied, requiring participants to dig deep, ignore pain, and face fear as they move through the obstacles.

As with box programs, power and strength are key, but so, too, is technique. Weaknesses are quickly exposed; there is no place to hide. Just as Affiliate programs are replacing traditional globo gym training, the newest versions of obstacle course racing are edging out their more conservative cousins such as triathlons.

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