[Riddle] How Do You Race Without Getting Muddy?

See How Easily You Can Race Without Getting Muddy!

Obstacle Race Colarado

I know how! Race in January ’cause all the Mudd is frozen!! Yeah baby – that’s what I’m talking about! After a we bit of hit and miss I got the low down from Lauren on a great winter event for the Colorado OCR Posse that rocks the the winter blues on it’s butt til spring!

This is Perfect!

Don’t get all soft and spongy from winter binge watching your favorite “whatever” 6 seasons on Netflix!  Race season may seem a long way off when it’s so cold outside but now thanks to the folks over at Abominable Run ya gotta a way to keep your saw sharp and have a blast of winter fun too! It’s OCR with a whole new twist!

Keep your saw sharp get out there and race! Get the Coupon Code & the 411 below

Log Carry Obstacle Course Race Colorado

Situated in Como, Colorado at over 10,000 feet, the Abominable Winter adventure run on January 30th is a unique way to get your obstacle course fix this winter. This is a 4 mile obstacle course includes a 60 foot snow tunnel, high walls to climb over, a log carry, lots of steep hills and even a sledding section, but watch out for the Yeti in the woods! Finish to hot chocolate, our famous “mountain man” contest, snowshoeing, sledding and more winter fun!

Use the codeWINTEROBSTACLE” to save twenty bucks on entry Click Now at: www.abominablerun.com