Thief Has No Chance Against Ninja Warrior Cop!

OCR Training Pays Dividends On The Job!

Santa Fe police Sgt. Paul Joye takes his Ninja Warrior training to the mean streets where he uses it to protect and serve the law abiding citizens of Santa Fe. And come to think of it- what a great fit the training from Obstacle Course Racing sports is for chasing down a suspect on foot – whether your a super hero or a police officer!

Super Hero?

Police Officer?

There’s really no difference!

It just goes to show how cool it is that we have a sporting activity that is fun, social, and in some cases a benefit to civilized society too!



According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, police said Eduardo Romero stole $50,000 from Earthfire Gems last week. A witness said he grabbed a case and bolted out the door.

Santa Fe police Sgt. Paul Joye ran after him. He caught up with Romero after chasing him through a shopping center and traffic.

Joye competed in the “American Ninja Warrior” sports competition in May.

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