Toughest Obstacle Course In The World?

How ’bout Running A Five Mile Circuit Over & Over For 24 Hours?

Phew it makes me tired just thinking about it! This is the hardcore from the world over trashing the living crap outta their bodies just for the sheer challenge of it. Maybe Mudders are the most insane athletes the world has ever known? Kinda makes you stop and think what drives a person to do the crazy obstacles on any course let alone this course. Get an arm chair view of what it must be like to test the limits of human endurance.

Is Your Stomach In Your Throat Too? Or Is It Just Me?




 The Sewage Outlet started with a crawl under barbed wire and ended with a climb out of an inclined sewage pipe and a splashdown.


If you missed ringing it, more penalty laps were in your future.



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