Who’s On Top Of The Game?

Who Are the Up and Coming Teams in OCR?

It’s way cool eh? Here’s a great article with a list of top trail blazer teams in our ever growing sport. Take a look around and enjoy getting to know some of your fellow competitors. Ain’t it crazy? And so much fun too! Get your groove on and and start your own team – post it on our Facebook time line so the world will know you have arrived!

Check Out a Partial List Below and Add Your Team Too!

Time to Build Your Own Team?
Time to Build Your Own Team?

Canadian Mudd Queens
This is a Canadian based group, who use their love of mud runs/obstacle course racing to raise awareness and funds for charity. They originally started as a women’s only group but expanded to build “The eh? team” racing team – to include both men and women. They come together to share information, meet training partners, and provide each other support, encouragement and advice.



Chicago Spartan
Chicago Spartan was founded in November 2011 with the goal of bringing people together, Helping people get fit and have a good time doing it. Their dream is to get as many people as they can out there to do something, challenge themselves, be better than they were yesterday.

Colorado Obstacle Racers
The team includes athletes of all ages, all abilities and every personal goal imaginable. Mud runs, competitive races, color bomb extravaganzas, team challenges, urban adventures…Colorado Obstacle Racers is THE resource for everything obstacle-related here in Colorado (and even beyond). They offer local calendars, deals, giveaways, training groups, relevant articles, athlete profiles and more. 

Corn Fed Spartans
The team was Founded in Oct 2011, and has full support of Obstacle Course Racers everywhere. The Corn Fed Spartans exploded onto the OCR scene in 2012 at the Indiana Spartan Sprint.  Versatility, endurance, and a hunger for adventure are common traits of Corn Fed Spartans.

Extreme Fitness LV
The team was founded by Rick Baird, who developed a desire to mentor young kids about proper fitness levels and the impact it has on their ability to attain athletic goals. As a leading provider of fitness in Las Vegas, they take pride in offering the best bootcamp workouts in town! They are dedicated to serving the needs of their customers each and every day.

Training and racing as part of a Badass OCR team takes the enjoyment to another level.  The bonds formed in the mud are priceless, formed by pushing your teammates over obstacles and past their limits.  These teams caught our eye for their size, enthusiasm, and passion for the sport.  Did we miss a team that should be on this Top OCR Teams list?  Let us know in the comments.

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