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How Leticia Becerra Found Fellowship In The OCR Community

The cycle of success seems impossible if you are on the outside looking in. But every once in a while, if we are only willing to pay attention, we can have a small epiphany with the power to change our lives. Most of us lose track and fall prey to our well entrenched habits – habits that become chains – keeping us from becoming “more”. We can become so much more and it is most likely possible when you can find a vehicle to keep you moving in a positive upward spiral. Here’s an example of how OCR was that vehicle for one determined person.

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Leticia had been overweight for as long as she could remember. Her weight loss journey (when she actually made the effort to lose weight) began in 2001 when she hit her highest weight of 215 pounds at the age of 19. She was THE laziest person she knew. She even had her mom write notes for her to skip running in P.E. class during high school.



She specifically remembers the day she knew she needed to lose weight. Leticia saw a picture of herself with her brother who is 6 foot 4 and 260 pounds and she looked bigger than he did. She was mortified. From that point, Leticia lost 40 pounds fairly quickly by doing cardio and eating a very low-calorie diet. Unfortunately, this triggered more than 10 years of weight gain/loss yo-yoing. Her weight fluctuated between 175-207 pounds. In her twenties, Leticia blamed her weight on layoffs, comfortable relationships, bad breakups, studying abroad, Mexican family gatherings, and anything else she could blame!


In 2013, Leticia had the most eventful year of her life. This was the year she finally reached a breakthrough with her never-ending weight loss journey. Enough was enough after reaching 200+ pounds for the third time in her life. In seven months, she went from 200 pounds to 155 pounds. This girl was on fire!

She created her Instagram account to use as her personally fitness journal. It quickly became a catapult of inspiration for thousands. Leticia also created the #GrinderGlamChallenge which keeps hundreds of women focused on their goals. Her lifestyle quickly began to change as well. She began to prefer hikes and Obstacle Racing to clubbing and happy hour. In one year Leticia went from 200 pounds to 155 pounds, got Personal Trainer certified, ran her very first half marathon, and ran the Temecula Spartan Beast in under four hours.



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